Your goods safely from A to B

The garage of Transport Mattheeuws is absolutely vital for our companies. We have our own specialists for maintenance, testing and repairs at our headquarters in Veurne, to keep our vehicles in good condition. All common brands are in good hands with our service team. The determined flaws are eliminated by our own garage or the garages of our manufacturers. This ensures that all vehicles that are used, not only the ones used for the transport of dangerous substances, are in perfect technical condition.
An important aspect for our customers: We have access to an external tires service via breakdown assistance or directly by our garage.

A clean vehicle is a must

Neatness both internally and externally serves as protection against pollution and is a criteria for the quality. Therefore, we clean our silos and semi-trailers at our sister company Romac Fuels on the sites in Veurne with the help of automated high-pressure technology. There are 5 cleaning points available for washing with water up to 70 C. The optimal cycle is determined depending on the product rather loaded, and your next cargo. The individual programs differ in terms of length, temperature of the water and the addition of special detergents. The terms are regularly tested to the highest level of cleaning to maintain quality. Further qualification for cleaning staff is also very important. Also, the contribution to the environment: therefore, we try to recover our water before we discharge it in the public sewage.

No time to lose

Even if we do everything we can to guarantee reliable transportation and on-time deliveries, unpleasant surprises can never be completely excluded. But even then, we try to regard this situation as soon as possible. If one of our trucks breaks down unexpectedly along the way, then our garage will send a breakdown service. An internal or an external company will do everything to get the vehicle as soon as possible back on the road. This 365 days a year. If this is not possible, an external repair service will be called or the vehicle will be towed. At the same time, a replacement vehicle will be prepared, who is brought on site enters with a trailer.

You want maximum reliability

Because we know what is important is, our inspection intervals have become much stricter than required by law. Each vehicle is subject to a monthly inspection. Vehicle-monitoring is documented on paper and in Excel lists. Dispatchers have access to this to help them. All these measures help to recognize a total failure, malfunction, or major damage in advance and to repair or replace them preventive. We do this to protect other road users. The performance of our vehicles depends on the quality and durability of the components that are used. For this reason, we only use original spare parts of the vehicle manufacturers. You can be sure that our vehicles will deliver an excellent performance over a long period of time.