Our fleet of Tankers

Mattheeuws also has a number of tankers. These are being used for a great number of international oil-companies from their depots to their stations. Only the most secure, innovative and modern material is being used for this.

Our drivers are enthusiastic perfectionists, focused on the development of their personal talents, both at the operational level and at safety. Our drivers have undergone training for ADR seat.

For transport of


Diesel • Gasoline • Adblue • LNG

Technical info

  • Cargo: Diesel, Gasoline, LNG, AdBlue
  • Content Diesel / Petrol: 37 000 L
  • Content AdBlue: 26 000 L
  • Content LNG: 23 200 KG
  • 4 Tankers Diesel / Petrol
  • 2 Tankers LNG
  • 1 Tanker AdBlue