Our fleet of silo tippers

Our silo tippers have content that varies from 43m³ to 65m³. These trailers are suitable for all dry powders and granular materials. We can also arrange for you to transport all your GMP products and powdered and granular goods. The loading of the semi-trailers takes place by the opening of one or more manholes on the upper side of the bulk container. At the top side, all the trailers are equipped with a railing that can be used. This is to ensure the safety of the people on top of the bulk of the load as much as possible.

The unloading takes place through the trailer tipping to the rear so that the product comes into the funnel and also by putting it under pressure with a compressor so that the product with air “liquid ” and can then be blown into a silo. All the transport equipment is manufactured from high quality aluminum so the weight of a tractor – trailer combination is as low as possible, to be able to give the best price to our customer. The bigger tipping tanks are used for products with a bigger mass density. These are often products of which the tank, valves and fittings, and hoses must be 100% cleaned.

The smaller tipping tanks are being used for products with a lower mass density. For us, these are often products that are directly or indirectly related to construction industry. Shipping of dried sand is an activity in which we have a lot of experience. We pay much attention to our unloading procedure. I.e. our efforts, which prevent a hose from being detached while unloading the product. Our tipping tanks are mainly active in Germany , Belgium , France and the Netherlands.

For transport of

Animal feed

Cereals • Seeds • Animal feed • Flour • Malt • Apples • Grapes • Chalk


Aggregates • Clay • Sand • Salt • Ballasts • Coal • Gypsum • Silicate • Feldspar • Quartz

Industry & Chemistry

Cement • Plastics • Glass • Cellulose acetate • Lime • Activated carbon • Fertilizers

Technical info

  • Volume: 43m³ - 65m³
  • Load capacity: 26 - 30 ton
  • High quality aluminium
  • GMP approved