Our fleet of tippers

The tippers are equipped at the rear with side with Folding doors. So, the driver has 3 different ways to unload; Unloading by opening the left and right door on the back. Unloading by opening the back door, supporting on the shaft of the dump body. Unloading through the corn port

The rear doors of the trailer have a double safety features during transport. After loading, the driver inserts hooks on the doors and close the doors off with a seal. Four hooks lock the rear doors and a pin ensures that it is sufficient locked.

For transport of:

Recycling en Valorisation

Chemical residues • Ordinary industrial waste • Paper / Cardboard • Contaminated soil • Used tires • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals • Furniture • Railway sleepers


Aggregates • Clay • Sand • Salt • Ballasts • Coal • Gypsum • Silicate • Feldspar • Quartz

Industry & Chemistry

Cement • Plastics • Glass • Cellulose acetate • Lime • Activated carbon • Fertilizers


Different types of offal

Technical info

  • Volume: 40m³-55m³-63m³-83m³
  • Volume waterproof: 55m³
  • Reinforced aluminum
  • ADR approved
  • Folding doors